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Power Steering Fluid

The role of a water pump is to circulate coolant around the engine when running to maintain to cool and maintain the correct temperature range.

Water pumps house an impeller which is a rotor that increases the flow of the coolant. The water pump is driven by an auxiliary drive belt or cam belt connected to the crankshaft. The coolant circulated by the water pump is transported by through the engine block, cylinder head and then in the radiator.

Autosessive sells an online range of quality cooling and lubricating products for engines. These items are available next day and cover Water Pumps, Belts, Coolant, Antifreeze.

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Comma PSF Power Steering Fluid & Conditioner 1L 61308

Comma PSF Power Steering Fluid & Conditioner 1L

Part No PSF1L - Product Code: AS-61308

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  • £9.14
Products  1 – 1 (of 1)


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