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Coil Spring

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A vital part of a car’s suspension, car coil springs support the body of the car and maintain an even and stable ride by compressing and rebounding with every up and down movement. They make sure you don’t feel the full force of pot holes and speed bumps. The poor things take the full brunt of our notoriously poorly maintained roads, which takes its toll on the coil spring courageously sacrificing itself for your comfort.

As a safety critical part, coil springs should be fitted in pairs, not replacing springs at the same time results in uneven ride and can reduce the life of your new spring, not to mention the safety implications. In time coil springs will shorten (or sag) and they can lead to the following issues:

  • An imbalance in ride height
  • Less responsive ride height
  • Affect the road holding
  • Increased braking distances
  • Increased tyre wear
  • Reduced the fuel efficiency

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