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Wiper Blades

Sometimes it seems car wiper blades are taken for granted. They quietly go about their job and it’s not until the go wrong that we actually notice them. Even when they do go wrong it’s often not their fault, they’ve simply given all they can give and need replacing. No farewell party, no present, not even a thank you for those countless hours of clear driving visibility. But who really cares? They’re just windscreen wiper blades. Well, at Autosessive we care! (Though, it doesn’t exactly keep us up at night…) That’s why we stock a massive range of Bosch wiper blades, Valeo wiper blades and Drivetec wiper blades. Including conventional wipers, spoiler wipers, and flat blades, such as Bosch Aerotwin or Drivetec Aero Flat, we even stock rear wiper blades. You can find out the best fitting wiper blades for your car using our car parts finder. Keep your wiper blades from disappointing by checking them regularly by running your finger down the length of the blade to check for rips or tears in the rubber. Thank you wiper blades!

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