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Power Steering Fluid

Lots of people pay attention to their engine oil, after all, the engine draws a lot of attention to itself, its big, it makes lots of noise and its right there when you open the bonnet. What some forget about is the transmission fluid – but not us at Autosessive!

That’s because we know the transmission fluid is vital to get the power from the engine to the wheels – and that’s all we really want from our engine - power!

If your car struggles when switching gears you may want to know how to check your transmission fluid, which is easily done as it has its own dipstick much like engine oil. Our range of transmission fluid and automatic transmission fluid is available if your vehicle requires.

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20% OFF Comma PSF Power Steering Fluid & Conditioner 1L 61308

Comma PSF Power Steering Fluid & Conditioner 1L

Part No PSF1L - Product Code: AS-61308

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Products  1 – 1 (of 1)


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