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Lambda Sensor

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A lambda sensor is a key component in a vehicle’s fuel injection system and has a major influence in determining fuel consumption.

Lambda sensors are also known as oxygen sensors as they measure oxygen levels in exhaust gases. The sensor is located in the exhaust system, anywhere from the manifold to just past the catalytic converter. The lambda sensor is used to regulate the air fuel mixture by measuring the oxygen content in the exhaust gases. The sensor sends back the readings to the ECU to calculate the engines fuelling requirements.

Helping to ensure that unburnt fuel is not leaving the vehicle as a pollutant improves efficiency and environmental credibility. A perfectly working lambda sensor results in up to 15% lower fuel consumption, prevention of damage to the catalytic converter, passing of emissions tests and it ensures the engine operates at full performance capacity. Lambda sensors require regular testing every 20,000 miles or annually and replacing when the vehicles recommended replace interval is reached.

Don’t forget to always change the lambda sensor when changing a catalytic converter!


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