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A car exhaust is essential for safely carrying away the burnt gases from a car’s engine.

Most exhaust systems now contain a catalytic converter or diesel particulate filter to help reduce the amount of air pollution that is being produced by your vehicle. Lambda sensors are used within the vehicle's engine management system to improve an engine’s performance by measuring and adjusting the air-to-fuel ratio.

Exhaust mufflers and silencers are also available to aid in noise reduction.

We stock exhaust systems for every make and model of car including cats, DPF and even sports exhausts for those looking for performance gains. Within the exhaust systems category we list all the single exhaust sections and boxes that are available for your vehicle, so you can simply buy and replace the specific section of exhaust required.

To make sure you can correctly fit your exhaust we have exhaust fitting kits, which list all the necessary gaskets, catkits, bolts and accessories required when fitting your new exhaust.


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