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Ignition Leads

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Ignition cables or HT leads (High Tension leads) are the cables that connect the car’s ignition system to the spark plugs.

Ignition leads tend to deteriorate over time and will need replacing if they experience wear or corrosion of the terminals, they can also become brittle and crack. We suggest regular inspection of the ignition leads for any evidence of wear and to replace them if there is any sign of aging. Ignition leads can also be tested using a multimeter. Symptoms caused by worn or damaged HT leads include:

  • Misfiring
  • Rough engine running
  • Excessive emissions
  • Starting problems

Within an ignition lead set each ignition cable is often a different length as it is measured to fit exactly. It is essential to ensure that right cable is used for each plug. We sell high performance Bosch Ignition Cables which are OE quality and are extremely resistant to heat and cold.

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