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Engine Oil

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Comma & Total Engine Oil

Engine oil is a vital to the smooth running of a car. Always keep your engine oil topped up to protect the car engine from excessive wear and corrosion. Using the correct grade of motor oil will ensure that the car in maintained as the manufacturer intended and protects your manufacturer’s warranty.

Why should I check my engine oil? Research has discovered that the majority of people don’t actually check their car engine oil levels. If the engine oil in your vehicle runs too low it can cause significant damage to the car’s engine, resulting in a considerable repair bill.

How often should I check my car oil? We would advise checking your engine oil at least once a month and always before starting out on a long journey. Most cars have an oil warning light that will come on when the engine oil is critically low, but these should not be used as an alternative to manually checking the oil level. This light is a warning light and means you should stop driving as soon as possible or you risk causing major damage to your engine.

Why are there different grades of engine oil? The demand to continually improve fuel economy and reduce emission levels has led to the development of high output petrol and diesel engines which require low viscosity, low friction motor oils. As well as the engine, sensitive emissions parts such as the catalytic converter and diesel particulate filter must also be protected. CATs and DPFs are highly sensitive to ‘poisoning’ or clogging by combustion additives in the engine oil, particularly sulphated ash, phosphorus and sulphur (SAPS). The pace of modern engine development to keep up with these demands has led to multiple grades of engine oil being developed to exactly match the manufacturer’s specifications.

What oil do I need for my car? As each car engine requires a slightly different grade of motor oil, use our car parts finder to quickly find the correct grade of engine oil for your vehicle. Manufacturers like BMW, VW and Ford each require a specific grade of motor oil to be used in their engines. Use the correct grade of engine oil to protect your warranty. To find which motor oil is best for your vehicle, simply enter your vehicle reg plate in the search box on the left and click 'Go', or select the make and model of vehicle.

Autosessive works with market leading motor oil brands such as Comma, DriveTec, Total and Mobil 1 to bring you great value OE matching quality engine oils.


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