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Cooling & Heating Parts

Around 70% of the energy from a car engine is converted into heat. This massive amount of heat can cause damage through overheating, so cooling parts are needed to keep the temperature down. The flipside of this is that at low temperatures engines perform less efficiently, wearing down faster, emitting more pollutions and increasing fuel consumption. This is where heating parts come into play to heat the engine up as quickly as possible.

The cooling and heating system works to keep your engine at a constant temperature. Most engines are cooled using fluid, so if you need a water pump, antifreeze or coolant, we’ve got you covered.

But why should your engine be the only one that gets to stay cool? Our range of air con servicing parts can help ensure that your air conditioning system keeps going to stop you overheating as well as warm you up quickly in the cold months. We always knew that people and engines had their similarities!

Cooling System

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