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Driving in bad weather can be a hindrance to some drivers, especially when driving in rain and snow. Fortunately, the introduction of snow socks for cars has made journeys in troublesome weather a breeze for drivers. Here at Autosessive, we’ve got you covered for some of the worst weather Winter has to throw at you. If you have snow chains and snow socks, whilst others are stranded in the snow, you have two choices: stop and help out those in need or crank up the heating and drive by feeling smug that you were prepared. We all know which option will get you home quicker...

Automax Snow Chains are flexible so they can be attached easily and come in three sizes - small, medium or large - so they are suitable if you driving a car, van or 4x4. An alternative to chains are SnowGecko Snow Socks. A quick and easy solution for ice and snowy roads, made of textile fibres that are eaiser to fit and more flexible that snow chians. The SnowGecko snow sock are available in 5 sizes - small, medium, large, XL and XXL - all fit a range of different tyre sizes. As well as the physical snow chains and snow socks, there is also an aerosol version. Liquid Snow Chains are applied to tyres directly from the can and can help improve the tyre tread up to 300%. This means that drivers will not fall victim to icy roads, wet surfaces and black ice as they make their journey. Liquid Chains also adapt with the weather, so it gives more traction as the weather gets colder, plus they take up less space in your boot.

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