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Having a clean windshield is an important part of driving. If you cannot see out it, you can cause an accident and that is why you should always have screenwash in your car. We know that it is easy to forget about this kind of maintenance on your car, but making sure you have car screenwash in your car can make your driving experience better and safer.

There are various kinds of screenwash out there to choose from; one is value screenwash, which comes in concentrated and mixed. Another is Comma Xstream screenwash, which is a screenwash concentrate that comes in many sizes and types. The difference between Comma Xstream and other brands is its freezing point. Most freeze around twenty-six degrees below zero Celsius but Comma Xstream has a freezing point of sixty-five degrees below zero Celsius. Depending on what type of climate you live in, any of these products will keep you windshield clean.

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