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Glass Fibre

With the emergence of fiberglass panels on vehicles, the need for fibre glass filler to repair dents emerged too. Now the market has a large variety of fiberglass repair items to help with almost any type of repair. Though there are many companies that sell fibreglass repair kits, Fastglas offers consumers a variety of fiberglass repair options. We have full kits from the David's Fastglas range with fibreglass resin and fibreglass supplies to fix small and large dents or holes. The do it yourself option can save money and give your automobile its new look back.

Fiberglass resin is another way to fill dents, but using glass fibre tissue to finish the job will leave a smoother and easier finish to paint. Another product available to help build GRP and leave a smooth finish is the glass fibre mat. These are larger than the tissue and cover a little bit larger area.

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