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Waiting for your car to warm up in the winter and de-ice you windows seems to last forever especially at times when you are in a rush, so we’ve got de-icer to melt away your problems (strictly icy window problems only). De-icer is the convenient way to remove ice from your car fast. This is a quick fix when you are in a hurry. Car De-icer can be purchased in aerosol cans called Blue Star de-icer but also comes in a de-icer spray, both will do the job of removing ice from your car.

CarPlan, Comma and Prestone de-icer are some of the most popular brands of on the market; it de-ices your windows in no time and leaves a finish that is easy to see out of. These products have been designed to not only clear your windows, but to prevent them from refreezing because they contain an antifreeze formula. De-icing your car is not a chore anymore and de-icers are the affordable way to get you where you are going faster.

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20% OFF Holts Professional De-Icer 600ml 124488

Holts Professional De-Icer 600ml

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