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You can easily clean the air-conditioning unit in your car with quality air purifying products, such as Comma air con cleaner and Holts air con cleaner. Not only do they clean the air conditioning, they also clean and deodorize the upholstery and linings of your automobile. They each contain a potent antibacterial formula that destroys smelly bacteria quickly on contact. They also destroy other nuisances like viruses, mold and fungi.

Using air con cleaners like those from Holts and Comma air conditioning cleaner is simple:

  • First, get in your car and ensure all of the windows are rolled up and the doors are closed.
  • Next, start the engine and turn on the air conditioning to full power.
  • Then, place the canister behind your driver’s seat in the foot well.
  • Next, press the automatic actuator, and leave the vehicle.
  • Lastly, let the vehicle run for 10 minutes or wait until the can is empty.

Once you're done remove the empty can and open up all the windows to ventilate your vehicle. Love that clean new car smell with the air con cleaner! If you're air con system is in need of a service, check out our range of air con servicing products.

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