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Air Con Cleaner

You can service your vehicle’s air conditioning unit yourself with the many products that are available from autosessive.com. All have clear and precise directions to follow that make servicing your own car easier than ever. Not much time is needed and the steps are minimal. Check out the many air conditioning servicing products you can purchase for all vehicles. Products range from items that lubricate the system and physically clean and freshen the air, to air conditioning leak detection products and items that restore the air conditioning to its original efficiency.

Lubricating oil products include PAG oil, PAG 46 oil, PAG 150 oil, PAG 100 oil and polyester oil. Car air con products clean your vehicle's air conditioning unit by restoring it back to its original new car fresh scent and improve the running efficiency whilst restoring the unit back to its original power.. Air con servicing products from Supercool also are a leading brand in detecting leaks. Consider trying air con leak detector. We've have everything you need to service your own car's ac system including injectors, o-rings, tubes, connectors and more.

Just want to give just air con system a clean? Check out our air con cleaners.

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20% OFF Holts Air Con Cleaner 150ml 80330

Holts Air Con Cleaner 150ml

Part No TEC1 - Product Code: AS-80330

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    NOW £7.32
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