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Brake Shoes

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Delphi Brake Shoes

Brake shoes work by being forced into contact with a brake drum creating resistance to slow, stop and hold the vehicle. Drum brakes work by creating friction between the brake shoes and the brake drum.

Drum brakes used to be the main braking system but these have now been largely replaced by disc braking. Drum brakes are still commonly used for parking brakes (handbrakes), working together with shoes and the handbrake cable.

Also known as handbrake shoes, these components will suffer from wear and tear over time showing signs of corrosion and rust and should be checked and replaced.

Autosessive offers replacement handbrake shoes, brake shoes, online and available for next day delivery. Autosessive also offers all braking components such as brake drums, hydraulics, brake discs, brake pads, calipers and brake fluid.


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