Autosessive Awards Revisited: Chris’ VW Obsession

The Autossesive Awards 2016 is open for entrants, so we’re looking back at previous finalists and catching up with what they’ve been up to since entering the competition.

Chris Redford was one of our 2011 entrants and a self -proclaimed VW obsessed freak. He thinks it’s unlikely there’s even a single person in the world more obsessed with Volkswagens than him, which he may have proven by the amount of VW related tattoos covering his body. A proud collector, Chris tracked down and owns three of the rarest Volkswagens in the UK. Having never owned a car that wasn’t a VW, he drives his every day, rain, shine or blizzard. He once even drove 300 miles through the snow in a beach buggy with no roof, just to attend a VW show. This is the kind of dedication we’re looking for here at Autosessive.

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