Autosessive Awards Revisited: Darran’s Reliant Scimitar

The Autossesive Awards 2016 is now open for entrants, so we’re looking back at previous finalists and catching up with what they’ve been up to since entering the competition.

Darran was 18 when he entered our 2011 contest. He claimed that his love of cars started with classic minis when he was just eight years old. At the ripe old age of 14, after saving up the money he earned through his Saturday job at the local marina, Darran finally bought a 1970 Reliant Scimitar SE5. A day he claims was “the best in his life,” at that point. He immediately set to work on restoring it with his father, which brought the two of them closer together. They spent every night in the garage, slowly returning the car to its former glory. Now aged 22, Darran’s accumulated several cars and is training as a Ford mechanic.

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