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Q   I would like some advice about a Mitsubishi Colt Sport, which I think they call the Mk6. It’s a 2004 model with the 1.5 MPi engine. First, the radiator cooling fan seems to run indiscriminately, such as after a short journey on a cold evening when the car hasn’t been sitting in traffic or idling for a long time. Is this normal behaviour for this car? Sadly there is no manual for this model and not many people seem to know much about them, save that they share quite a few parts with the smart for four. Second, when the fan does cut in, it doesn’t seem necessary given that the engine isn’t that hot. However, I can’t be sure as there is no temperature gauge on the dash. So where is the fan controlled? Is it from a sensor to the ECU and then via a relay to the fan?
M Croote

It is quite normal for a cooling fan to cut in and out as required. As your vehicle has no temperature gauge, it is sometimes difficult to know the exact temperature of the engine. A good rule of thumb is that, if the heater is blowing out warm air, the engine could be warm enough to trigger the radiator cooling fan. Although your vehicle doesn’t have a temperature gauge, it has been fitted with a temperature sensor that sends information to the ECU. This sensor is located at the end of the cylinderhead. If you’re able to get the vehicle plugged into a scanner, you can read off the live data, which will give you the engine temperature and confirm the sensor is reading correctly. Bear in mind that your vehicle could have two methods of fan operation: the first would use a radiator switch located at the bottom nearside corner of the radiator, the second would use the info from the temperature sensor to control the fan. Unfortunately, I have no details on the system specific to your vehicle, but I can recommend a very good Colt web forum at

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