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I am looking to fit an aftermarket remote control central locking kit to my wife’s 2003 Fiat Punto 1.2 Active three-door, which currently has factory-fitted key-operated central locking. Would you be able to tell me the colours of the connectors (the fusebox has at least four different coloured connectors plugged into it) and the wiring colours coming out of them in the internal fusebox to the right of the steering column – this is for the lock and unlock wires, as well as for the left-hand and right-hand indicators.hawk
Craig Christie

The indicator wires are in the grey plug on the internal fusebox, on pins number 3 and 12; these should both be pink wires. The lock and unlock wires should be on the black plug and should be coloured purple and green with a white tracer; these should be on pins 16 and 18. I am assuming you have already purchased the kit to fit remote locking on your Punto, but if this is not the case, the company at advertise a kit for £19.99 including delivery. They will also supply a wiring diagram for your vehicle to assist in the fitting. As I have never used this company, this is only a suggestion and not a recommendation.

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