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My daughter’s 56-plate Vauxhall Corsa is due its MoT in the near future. When checking the brake pipes, I noted that both rear pipes will need replacing. One of the rear pipes has a joint in it, roughly under the rear floor. The front section of the pipe appears in good condition, so I was wondering if it is acceptable to join a new piece of cupronickel tube to the original steel pipe or would it be better to renew the complete pipe?
James Shaw

A    Provided the front section of pipe is in good condition and with no signs of corrosion, I would be happy to change just the rear section. The ideal situation would be to fit one run of pipe with no join, but as the manufacturer has seen fit to put a join in the system, this suggests that fitting one run would be a difficult task. It is not unusual to find that a front to rear section of brake pipe that follows a tricky route at the front of the vehicle has been cut and joined when the rear of the pipe starts to corrode. As long as the join is properly
connected, it is perfectly acceptable.

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