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I want to change the gear oil on my 2009 Skoda Octavia TSi. However, it is allegedly mentioned in a Haynes manual that the six-speed gearboxes on some VAG models are not mounted as originally designed and therefore need more oil (2 litres in total) than can be measured using the standard ‘drip till it stops, replace plug’ method. Can you confirm this? Ending up with a low level could be worse than not changing it at all, bearing in mind the comments on Transit gearboxes in CM’s recent article.
NB Hampson

From the details you have given me, I am assuming you have the front-wheel drive version with the 02S gearbox. At the factory, the gearbox is filled to the level plug before the box is installed in the vehicle. You are correct in saying that, when in the vehicle, the inclination of the box prevents the oil level from being filled sufficiently using this method. To fill the gearbox, the manufacturer recommends that the oil is first drained down. To fully drain down the gearbox, you must remove a bearing pin for the gearshift forks as well as the drain bung. When this is done, the gearshift shaft must be locked in such a way that the position of the forks is not changed by any unintentional movement of the gearshift mechanism. This is done by pushing down the gearshift lever on the top of the gearbox and turning clockwise the locking pin found on the bellhousing side of the mechanism. There are two bearing pins on the lower side of the gearbox, and it is the one furthest away from the bellhousing that should be removed. Once the oil is drained, the drain bung and the bearing pin should be refitted, using a new rubber seal on the bearing pin. The gear shift mechanism can then be unlocked. The gearbox can be filled by removing the reversing light switch and feeding the oil into the gearbox through the threaded hole. The gearbox will take 1.9 litres of oil (2.1 litres if it has been disassembled) and the reversing light switch should be replaced after filling.

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