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Q   I have a 2003 Jaguar X-TYPE 3.0 Sport. I have replaced the battery, but because I haven’t got the code number for the radio, the radio does not work. Is there a magic formula to bring it to life? I do not want to get caught up in the clutches of a Jaguar main dealer if I can help it.
D Robertson

A   There are a few variations of audio system that may be fitted to your Jaguar, but if your system is asking for a radio code then this will need to be found. The radio code is set at the factory by a complex algorithm based on the unit’s serial number. To obtain the code you will need to extract the radio and access the serial number.

To remove the radio you will first have to lift the gearchange surround from the centre console and locate the two screws holding the ashtray in position. Once these are removed, pull out the ashtray, unplugging the cigar lighter connections in the process. Next, detach the small cover at the top of the climate control panel to reveal two fixing screws. After undoing these and the two lower fixing screws, the climate control panel should pull forward, revealing the fixing screws for the audio unit. You need to find the nine-digit serial number from the unit. Once you have this, you can get the radio code for a small fee from an online firm such as www.radio-code.co.uk or else a local radio installer may be able to help you.

Although you expressed a reluctance to get involved with your local Jaguar dealer, it may be worth contacting them as they possibly have the code on record.

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