How viable would a Jaguar XF be as a DIY prospect?

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Q   I have a slightly bizarre question which you can feel free to ignore if you wish. How viable would a Jaguar XF be as a DIY prospect? I have long fancied one to replace my Mondeo, but I have no idea whether it’s at all DIY-friendly. I suspect it’s way too new and complex to even consider messing around with, but I thought I’d ask if you have any opinion on the matter. Maybe a buyers’ guide article in the magazine would be good at some point?
Paul Chinneck

The Jaguar XF
The Jaguar XF

A   Although the electronic system on the XF is complex, there is no reason why you should not be able to carry out most tasks yourself. Many components are carried over from the S-TYPE and the basic running gear, although slightly different, is simply a modification of the S-TYPE chassis. An online manual is available for the XF up to 2010. There is also an online forum for XF owner at and I am sure that any worries you may have about maintaining the vehicle can put to rest by browsing the site.

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