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Q   I would be grateful if you would provide me with the following information for my 2005 Jaguar S-TYPE 2.5: the location of the fuel filter/s and any special instructions for their replacement (eg, would the system require depressurising and, if so, what’s the procedure to be followed).
FJ McNamara

A Mann Filter metal canister-type fuel filter
A Mann Filter metal canister-type fuel

A   The metal canister-type fuel filter is fitted behind the inner wheelarch shield on the nearside front of the vehicle. You will first need to jack up the vehicle and support it on an axle stand before detaching the nearside front road wheel. Next, the inner arch will need to be removed by undoing the Philips screws securing it in position. Once the plastic arch is removed, you will see the filter secured by a bracket. Providing the ignition has been off for five minutes or more, there will be no pressure in the system, although when you disconnect the unions there will be a small leak of fuel. For this reason, I normally have a new filter ready to plug straight in.

To disconnect the unions you will need to press in the small plastic dent you will see at the edge of the connector; this is a different colour to the black plastic union. Once pushed in, the union should pull off.

Refitting is a matter of pushing it back into place until the union clicks into position. As the old filter will contain fuel, it must be disposed of carefully. Before refitting the inner wheelarch, you should run the engine to check for any leaks in the system.

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