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Q   I have just found out that there is an air compressor for the rear suspension fitted to the rear axle of my 2006 Jaguar XJ 2.7D. I have also found a secondhand unit for sale on eBay. Could you please advise how to get at the compressor? Also, is there a similar repair kit as for the air compressor fitted at the front of the car?
Michael Polglase

The suspension air compressor
The suspension air compressor

A   I am not sure where you found your information, but, according to my data, your Jaguar should only have an air compressor at the front of the vehicle. The height of the coil springs is regulated by a valve body which directs the compressed air into or out of the springs; the front units are controlled together, while the rear two are controlled independently. The unit which is fitted at the rear is an air reservoir/valve block unit. There are no serviceable parts within this unit and I have not heard of a situation where this unit has failed.

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