Jaguar X-Type Touch Screen Display

I had to stop motoring for a while due to a medical problem and have now been cleared to resume driving. On recommissioning my 2003 Jaguar X-TYPE, the touchscreen remained blank and I cannot use the audio, sat-nav or heating. In the LCD temperature screen, the code ‘51 52 C1’ appears. Have you any idea what the problem may be and how to fix it? Is this going to be more expensive than the value of the car? John Hatton

The code you are getting is actually three codes: ‘51’ indicates ‘Communication failure between control module and display unit during operation’; ‘52’ refers to ‘Communication failure between control module and display unit during operation’; and ‘C1’ indicates ‘Communication failure between synchronised signals’.
I am assuming that the battery was disconnected while the car was decommissioned. If this was not the case, my first move would be to disconnect the battery for around 10 minutes to allow the system to reset. To ensure the unit does not retain any charge within the system’s capacitors, remove both the positive and negative leads from the battery and touch them together briefly. I have also assumed that the battery has been fully charged up and this is not the problem.
One of the faults that can occur with the system on your vehicle is that the DVD sticks in the system, so try ejecting and re-installing the DVD. If the DVD does not eject, it may indicate the unit has seized up. If the disc does eject, I would also try using a DVD cleaner disc. If none of this works, it is likely you will need a replacement DVD player

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