Jaguar Sovereign Restricted Performance

I recently read an article about hand-held code readers and wondered if you can suggest one that I can use on my 2006 Jaguar Sovereign 2.7 diesel. Just after I bought the car it showed an L/H EGR valve fault. The valve has been replaced about a year ago – around 3000 or 4000 miles ago – and the car is generally used for short runs, with a long run of 20+ miles about once a month to get the DPF to clean itself. It has suddenly started to throw up ‘Restricted performance’ warning and is becoming reluctant to clear by switching off the engine, waiting for a minute and then restarting.
I change the oil and filter every year at MoT time as they are known to dump diesel fuel into the sump. So now I am looking to buy a cheap code reader in order to see what fault codes are stored on the system.
Michael Polglase

Foxwell NT200

The ‘Restricted performance’ message could be the result of many different problems. As you have said, using a code reader to discover the source of the fault would be the best course of action.
Since 2004, all diesel vehicles were required to be EOBD-compliant – this means that something like the Gendan GRC05 at around £27 will perform the job you require.
If you wished to spend a little more, the Foxwell NT200 Diagnostic Scan Tool will read the codes and also read freeze-frame and live data, as well as list the fault code definitions.

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