Mercedes-Benz E220 Estate Workshop Manual

I cannot find a Haynes workshop manual for my recently purchased 1994 Mercedes-Benz E220 estate. What would be the most appropriate manual for my model?
RD Oates

There is a workshop manual available for your vehicle from the online retailer Amazon.
The manual is by RM Clark and is in conventional book form (ISBN-10: 0958402612). This is only a suggestion and not a recommendation as I have not personally looked at this manual, although it does get reasonable reviews on the website.
Another option also available on Amazon is The E-class Owner’s Bible 1986-1995 by Stu Ritter (ISBN-10: 0837602300). Again, I have not personally seen this book.
Both books are published by Brooklands Books Ltd. They can be contacted on 01932 865051 or

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