Mitsubishi Space Star Brake Pad Replacement

I have recently purchased a 2005 Mitsubishi Space Star 1.5 which will soon need a set of new rear brake pads. I have been told that a windback tool is required to return the piston back into the caliper. Is it possible for this to be done without the tool? If the tool is necessary, do I need to get a left-handed or right-handed one? I intend to keep the car for some years, so if I do need the tool I am happy to purchase it. Jim Butler

Before starting the job, ensure that the handbrake operating levers are fully back against the stop in the off position. If they are not, you should slacken the handbrake cable until the levers are back against the stops. The pistons on both of the rear calipers should wind back in a standard clockwise direction. The pistons can sometimes be wound back without using the correct tool by using a mixture of pressure and winding, but generally it is well worth the investment of the correct tool. The Laser tool number 1314 (clockwise operation) can be found for under £16 and this should fit your Mitsubishi. After fitting the new brake pads and replacing the calipers, pump the brake pedal up to fully re-position the pistons before touching the handbrake. If required, the slack can be adjusted out of the cable, but be sure not to tighten the cable to the point that the operating levers on the calipers come away from the stops.

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