Mitsubishi L200 Overheating

After using my T25 crew cab daily for 11 years, it needed a major overhaul and I purchased a 2000 Mitsubishi L200 to keep me on the road. The dealer said it wanted a few bits and bobs sorting. Within the first week I had put in three litres of water. I found a pinhole in the heater hose, so I replaced it. I have since noticed that, when I use it, the hoses seem to balloon up and it has lost a bit more water.
I also noticed that the EGR valve vacuum pipe had been removed and the intercooler fan had also been disconnected. I contacted the previous owner, who told me that he had spent £1500 on a recon head, engine flush, new rad, etc, at his local garage.
After a journey of 20 miles it boiled up. The garage was at a loss to the problem. I have noticed that this model has an expansion tank on the cooling system.
Any help would be gratefully received. Chris Hill

EGR Cooler
An EGR Cooler
From the description of the problem and the fact that the vehicle is using coolant, I would strongly suspect that the vehicle has cooling system problems. Although previous work has been carried out in an attempt to rectify these problems, it appears that the vehicle has been sold on because of continuing cooling issues. I think you should start with a clean slate and disregard any information of what may or may not have been carried out in the past.
I would start with the basics by removing and checking the thermostat. I would then get the cooling system pressure tested to ensure that there are no further leaks. You then need to check that the EGR cooler has not been blanked off; if it has not, then you should reconnect the vacuum pipe. The EGR coolers are prone to problems and will cause gas to be blown into the cooling system. If, while the engine is running, you can see small bubbles rising up through the header tank this may well be the problem on your vehicle.
The intercooler fan should be reconnected and the sensors in the system need to be checked to ensure they are working correctly. Once the engine is running and the cooling system up to temperature, you should confirm that the radiator temperature is even across the whole surface, and that the top and bottom hoses are both warm.

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