Dubai Police Shows Off Fleet of Supercars In New Video

Dubai Police has the best fleet of cars in the world. If you weren’t completely sure of that fact, they have produced a new video that plays out like a movie trailer to flaunt their millions of pounds (or Dirhams) worth of supercars.

All the cars have been given special green and white paint jobs in keeping with the Dubai Police colours as well as fitted with sirens and light bars, because they are police cars after all!

Why have such expensive and impressive cars as police cars you ask? Well, the reasons are most likely:

  1. Because they can.
  2. They use them for PR reasons to reach out to the people they are there to protect as well as promote Dubai itself.

The latter reason is also why this video exists and is titled “Luxurious Super Patrol Cars for a Luxurious City”. You can’t deny the cars in there livery, being shot at night with lights flashing looks very cool. The video ends with the police letting the public see the cars up close.

In case you have been trying to figure out the cars that make an appearance, we’ve spotted a Bugatti Veyron, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, Brabus G Class,  Nissan GT-R, BMW M6, Ferrari FF, Audi R8, McLaren 12C and a Bentley Continental.

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