Mitsubishi ASX Wheel Fitment

I own a Mitsubishi ASX which does not have a spare wheel. I would like to find a full-size wheel from a breakers yard to carry in the boot. If I can’t find an ASX wheel, is there a wheel from any other vehicle that would fit? I used to own a Shogun Pinin with the same size tyres (215×65 R16), but would the wheels be the same as the ASX?
S Jones

A spacesaver wheel
A spacesaver wheel

Mitsubishi do list a spacesaver wheel that can be stored under the boot floor. The part number for this is MME31962, although this is not a full-size wheel and is priced ataround £175, meaning that sourcing a wheel from a breakers yard will be a better option. You do not mention the engine size or details of your ASX, but, as it has 16in wheels, I am assuming it is a 1.6 or 1.8 model – the 2.0 should have either 17in or 18in rims. This means your bolt pattern should be 5×114.3, that is to say a five-bolt fixing on a circular diameter of 114.3mm. The wheel should have an offset of 46mm and the bolt hole size should be 67.1mm. According to my data, a Pinin fitted with the same size tyres does have the same wheel dimensions, although checking the fitment at the breakers would be the best option.

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